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We understand running a small business can be overwhelming. Juggling employment laws and peoples’ needs can be impossible, and continually changing HR regulations mean it’s more important than ever to ensure your business is legally compliant.

That’s why we’ve created POCKET HR – a fantastic, downloadable toolkit full of simple, clear guidelines and templates to deal with every imaginable Human Resource challenge… so you never have to worry about HR again!



Attract and select the very best candidates. Ensure you retain talent from Day 1 through to retirement and redundancy.


Ensure you are up-to-date and complying with employment laws surrounding holidays, time in lieu and maternity.


Everything you need to stay up-to-date on UK Employment Terms and Conditions, always available right at your fingertips.

Boost perfomance

Learn how best to train and develop your staff and boost performance through employee engagement.


Learn how best to tackle poor staff performance, misconduct, absence and other conduct-related issues. 


Establish robust HR policies so you, your staff and your company are always protected.

What is Pocket HR?

We designed Pocket HR for to take the stress
out of Human Resources. Ideal for managers
of SMEs, it’s a downloadable toolkit full of simple, clear guidelines and templates featuring everything you need to know about HR. 

From hiring to contracts, holiday, maternity, pensions and employees rights right through to dismissal, with Pocket HR at your finger tips, you’ll have it all covered! 

How much does it cost?

A 12-month subscription to
Pocket HR costs £499 + VAT

to receive 
our introductory offer:
12 month subscription, incl. updates
+ 1 month FREE for
 just £349 + VAT

Or, you can split your subscription
into 3 payments of £150 + VAT

What will I receive?

Once you’ve registered, you can download Pocket HR. You’ll receive a zip file which is jam-packed with useful information, advice, templates so you’re armed with expert HR knowledge and will always know what to do
in any given HR situation.

Most importantly, you’ll receive peace of mind you’ll remain legal and compliant within UK Employment Laws.

“Imagine a whole HR department in your pocket”

Written by Kate Underwood, an HR expert with 20 years experience,
POCKET HR will revolutionise your business.

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If you don’t need an HR department in your pocket, we can still help. We provide reliable, cost-effective solutions and ongoing support so you can feel safe in the knowledge your business is legally compliant.

By utilising the latest HR technologies and training techniques, we are dedicated to saving you time,
money and admin by unlocking the potential of your greatest asset – your employees.

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